Ultra HCG2 – Yay or Nay?

Ultra HCG2 is a weight loss product that I purchased from www.stayhealthywithTLC.com. The product is consumed by placing drops under the tongue for absorption, combined with a low calorie diet in order to execute rapid weight loss. While generally I believe many weight loss products, exaggerate to say the least, about the expected results; Ultra HCG2 truly did not. The product is intended to be used for 30 days (which is completely reasonable for drastic diet changes). After the 30 days, I lost a total of 17 lbs.! (many have reported much higher weight loss results; however, I did not want to lose more than 20 lbs.). Now here are some answers to FAQ’s regarding my experience:

–          What did I eat? Breakfast: I generally ate 2 egg whites and drank green tea. Lunch/ Dinner: generally, I ate a meat and a vegetable such as chicken, lean fish, shrimp and fresh vegetables (spinach, broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts). So as you can tell I cut carbs and limited fats/ dairy, I also cut out fried foods and sugary foods. I drank a lot of water during this diet as well.

–          Did I exercise? This was probably the hardest part for me because high intensity exercise is not recommended due to the low caloric diet. I did exercise but only did very low intensity cardio routines such as walking, light jogging or bike riding.

–          How many calories did I consume? The diet recommends about 500 calories per day, however I consumed about 750-900 calories per day. I increased the caloric intake so I would be able to exercise.

–          Did you keep the weight off? Yes. I recommend using this diet as a Segway into a healthier lifestyle. After completing a restricted diet for 30 days, it will be a lot easier to eat clean. Keep some of the habits you created with the diet and you’ll definitely be able to keep the weight off. Also, slowly increase your calorie intake, shocking your body by going from 500 calories per day to 2,000 calories per day could cause weight gain.

–          Other tips? I would recommend this diet only for women trying to lose 20 lbs. minimum. If your weight loss goals are less than that, I do not recommend this product as many report losing about a pound per day.

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