About Us

Glam Fit Club LLC (GFC) is a black owned business founded in 2014 by health & wellness expert, Kymberlee Stephens.

Kymberlee, our founder & CEO, brings a plethora of knowledge to GFC, having earned several fitness certifications (personal training, midlife fitness for women, & more), a bachelors in exercise science, and a masters in health care administration. In addition, she is on track to complete a doctorate in public health by 2022. GFC was born from Kymberlee's passion for wellness & desire to help women achieve optimal health through healthy lifestyle choices.  

GFC began as a thriving personal training business based in Long Island, NY, and has developed into the go-to brand for women nutritional supplements and training plans.

Headquartered in Northern VA, we focus on maintaining a feminine approach to holistic wellness for women. It is our mission to help women become the best possible version of themselves, mentally, physically & emotionally.

Women spend so much time taking care of everyone else; GFC strives to see women make themselves & their health, a priority as well.