GFC Paid Partnerships

Glam Fit Club Partnership Opportunities:

  • GFC Personal Trainer
  • GFC Brand Ambassador

Glam Fit Club Personal Trainer

Why should you be a GFC Personal Training Partner?
• Free company products quarterly
• Excellent sales commission ratios
• A chance to be a part of a growing company
• More exposure to your personal training brand
• An opportunity to help women everywhere achieve their goals

Become a GFC Personal Training Partner with (5) Simple Steps:
1. Email a brief bio (including educational background or certifications received) & photo to
2. Create a results driven self-guided training plan
3. Set the price of your plan
4. Receive a personalized promo code for GFC Nutritional Supplements. You’ll receive 20% commission every time the code is used!
5. Receive 90% commission of all sales of your GFC Training Plan!


Glam Fit Club Brand Ambassador

To become a GFC Brand Ambassador, you must have a minimum of 5k followers on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube or Snapchat.

Why should you be a GFC Brand Ambassador?

• You'll receive one item (apparel or supplement) of your choice every month

• You'll receive a  personalized discount code to share with your followers & will receive 20% sales commission every time the code is used!

• You'll receive post engagement based pay!

What are your responsibilities as a Brand Ambassador?

•  Just post two pictures with GFC product(s) to your social media monthly 

Receive Post Engagement Based Pay!

To become a GFC Brand Ambassador, send an email to