Fit With Kids 101

Making your 5 PM Pilate’s class or taking your 6 AM jog can be tough with a little person constantly requiring your attention. BUT, Mom duties do not mean that you have to skip your daily workout all together. Kids are like little Shaun T’s and they don’t even know it! They have a ton of energy and want nothing more than Mom or Dad to join in on their escapades. Here are some ideas that will kill 3; yes I said 3, birds with 1 stone.

Tag – what kid doesn’t love tag? Get out in that yard and play a few rounds of tag. BOOM – 30 minutes of cardio done!

Floor is Lava – This one may require you to take your kids to the local park (I think we just added a 4th bird). In this game, one person is it and everyone else continues life as usual. At their own timing, the ‘it person’ yells “the floor is lava”, and all other players need to find ‘higher ground’ in 3 seconds. You’ll definitely work your arms and legs climbing for higher ground.

Exercise Class – Let your kiddie be the instructor. They would get a kick out of telling Mom what to do and you’ll get your workout in or at least break a sweat.

Red Light Green Light – We all know how to play this right? If not, email me, I’ll give you instructions.

Moral of the story is kids love running around. Instead of cleaning the house or reading at the park or whatever you may be dong while your kids are playing and you’re watching them instead of working out – join them.

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