Lemon Mint Detox Water

Lemon & mint water is an easy & refreshing detox method, that may even aid in weight loss. If you're not familiar with detoxing, and why you should do it, we recommend reading  20 Reasons Why You Should Detox You Body Regularly. Lemons by themselves cannot detox you, however lemons do contain Vitamin C which boosts your immune system. Then, combining lemons with water aid the body in flushing out toxins and cleansing your liver. Now why add the mint you ask? Mint is thought to improve the flow of bile through the stomach, which helps to ease digestion. If you never detoxed before, this lemon & mint water could be an easy introduction. If you've detoxed before and are looking for a more intense cleanse, you should consider our 10 Day Detox Diet.


(●) Gallon of Spring Water

(●) Lemon

(●) Stems of Mint


1. Cute the lemon into 8 triangle shaped cubes

2. Wash the Mint stems and pluck all leaves

3. Pour a small amount of the water out

4. Put the lemon/ mint directly into the water gallon

5. Place in the fridge over night

6. Drink 12 oz. every morning on an empty stomach



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