Ground Rules for Gaining Healthy Weight

1. Increase your calorie intake – If you are naturally thin, you probably have a fast metabolism. Meaning, a few extra calories probably won’t do the trick. You need to increase your calorie intake and make educated food selections. You want to gain healthy weight and not clog your arteries!

2. Decrease your cardio days – Cardio is important for fat loss and heart health. So do not eliminate cardio completely (got to have a healthy heart) but do have less cardio days in your workout regimen. Also, avoid vigorous cardio and replace it with light cardio.

3. Increase your lifting days – Instead of having total body weight training days, break up your lifting days by muscle group (Quads & Calves, Glutes & Back, etc.)

4. Lift heavier – Our muscle fibers adapt fairly quickly so be sure to continuously challenge yourself by lifting heavier. One ‘trick’ I use to know when it’s time to increase the weights is doing 10 reps; if I feel no burn by rep 8, its time to increase the weight!

5. Fall in Love – I’m just kidding on this one but I do always hear that people gain weight when they’re in love!


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