How to Build Curves Naturally

Not naturally curvy? That’s OK! You can build that hour glass figure, naturally. Now, I do not want to make false promises to you, or have you expecting unrealistic results because that’s not my style. What I mean is: if you are naturally very thin, do not expect to build a body like Serena Williams or if you are naturally a little on the chunkier side, do not expect to walk away looking like Teyana Taylor. While I do believe that with hard work the sky is the limit, as a coach, I want you to set realistic goals & embrace what nature has already given you. Okay so let’s get to it:

  1. Determine your overall focus; do you need to slim down or put on weight?
  2. Identify your ‘problem areas’: do you need to grow your booty, cinch your waist or both?
  3. Analyze your diet & trade wasted calories for nutritious calories
  4. Waist Snatch Needed: cop a waist trainer and wear it during active hours (don’t be shy, contact me if you want me to review one that you have in mind). Also, see my blog ‘5 Tips for a Snatched Waist’
  5. Build your thighs & booty: you need to lift heavy and get enough protein. Also, see my blog ‘5 Tips for a Bigger Butt’

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