10 Ways to Balance your Hormones Naturally

Hormone imbalances can be the cause of various different physical and/or mental ailments. Often, when we are experiencing one of these ailments we treat the symptom with medication or lifestyle adjustments. For example, women that experience headaches or migraines will often treat the migraine with a pain reliever or with “sleeping it off”. However, those migraines could potentially be a symptom of a hormone imbalance. Here are some ways to balance your hormones naturally if a hormone imbalance is something you may be experiencing:

1.       Ensure your Tupperware is BPA free

2.       Eat more healthy fats (coconut oil, avocado, salmon, olive oil, etc.)

3.       Prioritize sleep and make sure you have sound sleep

4.       Avoid foods with artificial coloring or dyes

5.       Limit caffeine and alcohol

6.       Stop taking hormonal birth control

7.       Avoid consuming excessive foods / drinks containing soy

8.       Get enough sunlight (Vitamin D)

9.       Avoid toxins (strong cleaning products, chemical containing make-ups / lotions, etc.)

10.   Practice light cardio such as walking or jogging

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