Cleansing Philosophy

Cleansing is the process of ridding your body of toxins. When should you consider doing a cleanse? If you are having issues with constipation, frequent headaches, depression, trouble losing weight, trouble sleeping, difficulty focusing, etc. While some western dieticians and medical professionals may disagree with the idea of cleansing, MANY other cultures promote the cleansing of toxins as a direct solution to various troubles (as aforementioned). What does cleansing consist of? Currently, there are more cleanses on the market than I can name. There are juice cleanses, the “master cleanse”, tea cleanses, fasting cleanses, etc. I cannot speak to many of those cleanses with out direct research but I can discuss my cleansing philosophy. My cleansing philosophy consists of consuming raw fruits, vegetables and nuts. I prefer this cleanse in comparison others because far too often when someone attempts to cleanse using juice or another method, they do not consume enough calories day to day. During a cleanse, you should still be able to workout (unless fasting is a part of the cleanse). Consuming raw fruits and vegetables assists in cleaning your intestinal tract, as well as feeds your body plenty of vitamins and nutritional values it may have been deprived of. Therefore, you are able to perform physical activity as well as seek solution to your other troubles that lead you to cleanse in the first place.  Cleanses also are psychological. If you are looking to start a new diet, pre-cleansing may give you the feeling of a “fresh slate”. Of course, scientifically eating fruits and vegetables for one week will not wipe away a years worth of poor eating but it can give you the boost you need to start fresh. Finally, I recommend cleansing if you plan to continue a clean diet. Cleansing with the intentions to continue to feed your body toxins is erroneous. If you want to cleanse, I definitely recommend it but I also recommend using a cleanse as a kick start to a new clean diet and healthy lifestyle.

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