Menstrual Cleansing Ritual Ideology

I’ve talked about cleansing/ detoxing a few times on here, so as you may know: I’m a huge advocate. Recently, I have been practicing a new detox ritual and I have been feeling great! I truly feel healthier, more balanced, and that my body is more efficient. This new detox ritual was an epiphany I had a few months ago & because of my success I want to share it with you. Here are the parameters of my detox:

o   When – in my new detox ritual I detox directly following my menstrual cycle.

o   Why – studies have shown that our menstrual cycle aids in detoxing our bodies naturally. Therefore, my thought is to extend this natural detox. We always want to listen to our bodies and while in effort to make changes, we also want to stay in line with what our body already naturally does.

o   How – the (3) days following my menstrual cycle I ensure to do the following:

1.       Consume a breakfast smoothie containing: flax seed, kale, & fruit. (Flax seed has been correlated with balancing estrogen levels naturally)

2.       Drink green tea or Iaso tea 2-3x per day (preferably 30 min before lunch & dinner)

3.       Drink a full 8 oz. glass of water before every meal

4.       Eat fish and avocado for dinner. (The healthy fats in most fish and in avocado have benefits that may aid in hormone balancing)

5.       Do not consume carbs (rice, pasta, potatoes, etc.)

After completing my 3-day post-menstrual detox, not only have I rid the infamous period belly bloat; I feel energized, balanced, and fantastic.

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